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Last Name First Name Middle Name Year Degree Department Advisor(s)
BartowVirginia 1921AM/MAChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
BartowVirginia 1923PhDChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
BatesStuartJeffrey 1912PhDChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
BennettChesterWallace 1926BSChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
BurkeCharlesEldrid 1911PhDChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
ColemanGeorgeHopkins 1921PhDChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
ColverCharlesWilliam 1919PhDChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
DerickClarenceGeorge 1909MSChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
DerickClarenceGeorge 1910PhDChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
FormanDonB. 1932MSChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
GinninsPaulMeade 1919BSChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
GinninsPaulMeade 1920MSChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
GinninsPaulMeade 1922PhDChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
GoebelWalterFriedrich 1921MSChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
GoebelWalterFriedrich 1923PhDChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
HombergerAlfredWilliam 1908AM/MAChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
HombergerAlfredWilliam 1910PhDChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
HowellLloydBrelsford 1918MSChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
HowellLloydBrelsford 1919PhDChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
HufferdRalphWilliam 1917MSChemistryNoyes, W.    [Edit]
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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
School of Chemical Sciences
106 Noyes Lab
505 S. Mathews
Urbana, IL  61801
Professor Jonathan Sweedler

(217) 333-5070
(217) 333-3120 fax
jsweedle [at] illinois [dot] edu
Please send comments and suggestions to:
scs_web [at] scs [dot] illinois [dot] edu